Jason Breakey has setup a number of Dating Services over the past five + years, many who have received press about false truths, lies, sexual advances to employees, not paying employees, etc.

Jason Breakey also has a history of drug abuse - most recently being charged with possession of marijuana.

Jason Breakey is also prone to writing bad checks and not paying for services. Jason has most recently been served court order papers via regular and certified mail, both which he has not responded to.

Jason Breakey has filed for bankruptcy, changed company names multiple times, been on the news for fraud and deception, and has assault and battery charges currently pending.


You can find Jason Breakey and his wife, Zuma, cruising around town in a BMW 750i (at other's expense) and hanging out at "Clean Air", a Dallas area Alcoholics Anonymous group in North Dallas.

Apparently Jason Breakey doesn't appear to be working his 12-step program very well, given the multitude of lawsuits he has, bankruptcies, drug charges, bad checks, etc.

Writing bad checks is a federal felony and will soon be causing yet more trouble for Jason Breakey.

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His companies are scams.I paid a lot of money for a dating service that he owns...they closed the business without a word and kept charging me the monthly installment.

I have tried calling every number I can find...all disconnected. Even the number the billing service has is just a voice mail box.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.You will get whats coming to you someday.

Brevig Mission, Alaska, United States #66761

Zulma Breakey was recently served papers by the District Attorney's office in Dallas for issuing a bad check after multiple attempts to receive compensation for services rendered and not paid for. Charges were filed in the Bad Checks division of the Dallas County Disrict Attorney's office only after providing multiple opportunities for Zulma to make good on a sizeable financial committment she obligated herself to and still has not fulfilled.

Zulma not only was forced by the D.A. to make good on one bad check, but still owes over $10,000 for services rendered and not paid for.

Zulma was served demand papers via Registered and Regular Mail by an attorney, neither which she ever acknowledged.

Zulma continues to publish half-truths and fails to mention the siginificant debt she incurred for services rendered and never paid for.

As Zulma knows from her reading of the Big Book, it is not her money, but those that she has obligated committments to and in which she has not paid.

It is a good think that Zulma is no longer abusing cocaine or alcohol. I hope she takes the steps outlined in her Big Book and makes good on making amends and honoring her financial obligations.


First of all I drivea 745 bmw that my mother inlaw gave me look it up Jim Adcox it was a gift.Second I do not go to clean air north.

I am sober and not ashamed to admit that .I will not slander Mr. Adcox as he has slanderd me. Check my records I have never been charged with any thing ever. I have never had a law suit.

You are welcome to visit me at my group which is a C>A> group in north dallas. I have been sober 4 years and all of my family and friends know and support that. I will not go and out others in the program because I do not slander or wish to cause harm. I am a stay at home mom.

Please MR.Jim Adcox stop your slander against me.

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